Landingi’s Monthly Update – May 2016

Monthly Update May 2016 Landingi

To make sure all of you are updated I’ve created summary of changes which has been made in our application in May. We’ve worked on several improvements inside the editor to make it better. Most of them were code based improvements so there are almost no visual changes.

Components of an effective landing page


A Landing page is only one page which within a few seconds has to persuade the visitors to take the offer it presents. Thus we have little place and time, and therefore we cannot afford long explanations, arguments, and presentations. Hence, you should find out what the landing page must include: 1. Headline The first component of
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Selling with content – how to create an effective text for a landing page


Text is the part of landing page with the highest value information. Text influences the consumers behavior, which leads to specific action, like filling out a form or buying something. In this article we present the rules that will show you how to create an effective landing page texts and convince customers to take action.
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How to use a landing page – 5 types of conversion


How to ude a landing page? Every campaign pursues a certain goal named conversion. Depending on a campaign, conversion has different goals. Therefore a precise definition of conversion is the first step towards creating a successful landing page. As you will soon find out, thanks to a landing page you can achieve a lot. We
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